5 miles of walking and biking trails


Multiple ponds


Sidewalks on every street

We Value Community

Wilshire Hill is built upon a strong foundation of community values.

Wilshire Hill is located on Mendon Center Road, just south of Barker Road, next to the Copper Woods. Our entire community is 75 acres with 50% open space. All open space will be dedicated to the town, and the town will maintain that space. There are 92 lots overall – 45 traditional lots for colonial and ranch homes, and 47 cottage lots for the cottage homes. We are focused on creating quality homes in beautiful neighborhoods.

Throughout many communities in our area our strong foundation is at the heart of every home we build today. It’s all about the community! With features such as sidewalks, miles of walking trails, dedicated park areas and private backyards, our neighborhoods allow you to enjoy your outdoor surroundings just as much as you’ll enjoy your indoor surroundings.

* All images represented in the gallery above are from current communities built by Pride Mark Homes and Morrell Builders, or are public locations around those communities. As the community evolves, look for more current photos!